Why You Should Fix Slipped Or Broken Roofing Tiles Immediately

Why You Should Fix Slipped Or Broken Roofing Tiles Immediately

If you’ve noticed a few slipped or cracked tiles, it’s vital to address the problem as soon as possible.


When left unmanaged, it only takes one tile to cause significant roofing damage, leaving you with a more extensive job and higher costs. Sometimes, minor damage can even lead to leaks, where rainwater passes through the roofing structure. Not ideal when we’re heading into the colder months!


Autumn is a great time to check in with your roofing and assess it for any cracks, slipped tiles, or general imperfections. This way, you can get ahead with repairs before the winter weather arrives.


How We Can Help — Waterford Development Roofing Services

Need a local expert? Allow our dedicated team to help. When it comes to roofing, our experienced team is always on hand to give you personalised advice to ensure you receive a premium solution.


Our roofing services include:

  • Slipped and broken tile repair
  • Flat or pitched roofs (tiled or felt)
  • Leaking gutters
  • Repointing chimneys/ridge tiles
  • Replacement soffits/fascia board and gutters
  • Modern Decothane coverings


Make sure your home is ready for the changing of the seasons. Contact the Waterford Development team today to learn more about our services and receive bespoke advice on your roofing query.


To get in contact, call us on 01923 244466 or email work@waterford-development.co.uk.

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