Save on your energy ​​​​​​​bills this winter

Save on your energy ​​​​​​​bills this winter

With the prospect of energy bills soaring now may be a good time to make sure your heating / hot water systems are running as efficiently as possible.


Older boilers are obviously not as efficient as new condensing boilers but all are less efficient when poorly maintained, therefore keeping your boiler checked / serviced on a regular basis is more relevant now than ever.


If your radiator circuit is not circulating correctly due to sludge within the radiators and pipe work this will also cost more to run.  Having a clean system will produce better heat efficiency throughout your home.


Another energy saving addition to your heating system would be to install thermostatic radiator valves, these will really help especially if you have a house where you don’t use all the rooms as these can be left on lower temperature rather than being shut off completely.


Richard Culverhouse – Director – Waterford Development

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