Rodent Proof Your Drains

Rodent Proof Your Drains

We have recently attended several properties regarding issues with rodents entering the dwelling via the sewage system. Unfortunately this seems to be on the increase – particularly in the London area.


A new device to combat this issue can be fitted by our trained plumbers in a couple of hours. It is made of high grade stainless steel, comes in a number of sizes to ensure a correct fit, and is maintenance free, humane and environmentally friendly.  Its design does not affect the flow of the water going into or out of the property.


As a special introductory offer we will be able to install one of these at a very competitive price of £245.00 plus VAT.


If you want to prevent rats entering your property through the sewage system contact us so that we can book an appointment and get this fitted for you.


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Robert Watts – Director – Waterford Development