Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA) is a requirement for premises that are controlled in connection with a business and use or store water, this includes domestic rental properties, serviced apartments, holiday lets, bed & breakfast as well as hostels. The assessment can be completed by our certified members of staff, making sure there is no possible risk to your or your business.


The survey involves temperature measurement of the cold and hot water services, a visual inspection of the system, in addition to photos of key features. These items are then presented in a written report containing an overview, system description, observations and any corrective actions that where needed to be taken. A written scheme of control is also produced to ensure future compliance.


With regards to any domestic properties, water sampling for laboratory analysis is not a legal requirement.


A judgement call is made on which aspects are at low risk and require no action to be taken. This negates carrying out remedial work which would otherwise be identified from the simple assessment pro forma in use by landlords and other assessors.


Our years of experience have found that many hot water systems are set to scalding temperatures, whilst not a legionella risk this can present a serious health risk to your or your client's occupants. This is something we take note of and where possible mitigate this risk whilst retaining protection against legionella bacteria.


On adverse the assessment survey will take between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the type of system, number of water outlets, location of storage cylinder/tank, presence of dead legs and little-used outlets. A similar period for the detail report to be written and checked. Our fee structure reflects the complexity of the work and the number of bedrooms is not a relevant factor.


The report is valid for up to 10 years with periodic desk-top reviews, depending on the water system and findings from the survey.


Please note that the hot water system should be at operating temperature prior to survey visit, with clear access to boiler, cylinder, tank and under sinks to (including access into the attic where appropriate).

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We perform all home visits taking COVID safe precautions. Ensuring the safety of all involved

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