Keep Your Heating on Low to Stop freezing

Keep Your Heating on Low to Stop freezing

With the new restrictions put into effect, offices and buildings may become unattended for weeks at a time. Where possible we advise you to make sure the building’s heating is kept on a low temperature, reducing the likelihood of pipes freezing. 


As the temperature drops considerably the water inside your pipework can freeze easily. If the water within your pipes freezes then it will crack and burst which can cause a flood within your home or property, costing you time and money.


Having your heating on at a constant low temperature will make sure that your pipes are always heated to prevent the water from freezing.


If you are having an issue with frozen pipes, please get in contact so we can help fix the problem before it progresses further.


Any works required can be booked in the usual way by calling our office on 01923 244466.


Everyone stay safe!


Kindest Regards

From all at Waterford Development