How To Save Energy and Stay Warm on a Budget

How To Save Energy and Stay Warm on a Budget

Extortionate energy bills are the last thing you need this winter. While spending on energy and heating can’t always be avoided, there are some practical ways to stay warm without reducing your energy efficiency. Ideal if you want to keep costs low while staying toasty and warm!


Here are some quick tips to help you save energy costs and heat your home on a budget:


  • Make your own draught excluders. Lots of heat is lost through window cracks and under doors. Using draught excluders or making your own with rolled towels or clothing can keep you warmer and decrease heat loss.


  • Stock up on hot water bottles, heated blankets, and hand warmers. Though these require a small upfront purchase, they’ll keep you warm for months to come.


  • Layer up your clothing. Wearing multiple layers keeps you warmer than using one thick layer. So, don’t throw out your thermals!


  • Heat the rooms you spend most time in. There’s no point heating rooms you don’t live in. So, focus on your living room or bedroom instead.


  • Work with experts to winter-proof your home. Waterford Development is on hand to check your boilers, alarms, and thermostats to ensure it’s ready to face the cooler weather.


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Whether you want to prepare your home with last-minute winter-proofing or perhaps you need emergency boiler services, we’re here to help. Waterford Development puts you first, ensuring you’re comfortable and warm throughout the season. Because everybody deserves a heated home this winter.


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