Don’t Forget a Boiler Health-check Before Autumn

Don’t Forget a Boiler Health-check Before Autumn

We’ve been treated to some beautiful weather in 2023. But as we all know, the sun doesn’t stick around for long in the UK, especially after the summer.


As soon as the season changes, the sun’s warmth is forgotten, and trusty jumpers are back in fashion. So, alongside your knitwear, it’s crucial to ensure your boiler is ready to take on the cool weather.


Getting your boiler checked out before the end of the warm season is a must. This gives you enough time to deal with any unforeseen issues before the temperature drops. You’ll thank yourself for being prepared when the first frost arrives!


If you’re ready to prepare your home for the cold, Waterford Development is on hand to help. From routine boiler servicing to boiler breakdown assistance, we have the technical know-how and years of experience to make sure your home is all set before the summer ends. You can trust us to keep your home toasty.


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